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A home buyer that acquires an address in Rossmoor, Ca. is in line for a high-quality of life when you consider the community’s affluence and beach-close locale.

Located in Orange County, Rossmoor is situated directly east of Long Beach and was founded as a planned community in the late 1950’s. On any given day, you can expect to find but a small selection of Rossmoor homes for sale—which is to be expected of a community with fewer than 11,000 residents and 3,500 single-family homes and condos. Million-dollar properties are not uncommon in this area.

As of 2011, when the latest statistics are available, the median household income of Rossmoor was $103,462. That is nearly double that of California’s as a whole. Rossmoor real estate is also nearly double that of the state’s. In 2011, the median house or condo value in Rossmoor was $737,573 as compared to California’s overall home value median of $355,600.

Rossmoor also has a significantly higher population of residents with advanced degrees as compared to the state average. Leading industries in Rossmoor includes manufacturing, as well as professional, technical and scientific services. There are also a significant number of executives, engineers and other management occupations represented in Rossmoor.

Rossmoor consists of 1.53 miles and was developed over a six-year period, beginning in 1955, by noted architect Ross W. Cortese. He was well-known to the area and considered the right man for the job after having previously developed such neighborhoods as Lakewood Rancho Estate in Long Beach and the Frematic homes in Anaheim. He would go on to gain further critical acclaim by developing the wildly successful Leisure World gated retirement community in Seal Beach, which is located directly south of Rossmoor.

Rossmoor is defined by its well-built and architecturally pleasing homes. Cortese also left a signature enhancement to the community that was designed to differentiate it from the surrounding area. There is an aesthetically-pleasing red brick wall that surrounds the entire Rossmoor development, which Cortese designed in order to let people know that they were no longer in Seal Beach or Los Alamitos, but rather in an exclusive community.

The last of the homes in the Rossmoor tract were completed in 1962. However, remodeling began shortly thereafter and today there are but a small percentage of homes in Rossmoor that have not been upgraded, customized and enlarged.

Home owners with children in Rossmoor also have access to one of the finest school districts in the state. The Los Alamitos School District has a long tradition of excellence in the areas of academics, athletics and the arts. It is served by several elementary schools, two middle schools and Los Alamitos High School.

Rossmoor residents are also served by two shopping centers—Rossmoor Village Square and the newly-remodeled Shops at Rossmoor. These both offer a wide array of options to cover all of your shopping needs at a convenient locales.

Rossmoor continues to be on of the more desirable communities in all of Orange County. When you consider its great location near the coast, easy freeway access and top-flight school district, it’s easy to see why.

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